Direct Marketing for Deck Cleaning Companies

It is amazing how well direct mail and direct marketing works for some types of businesses. Having been involved in many mobile service type companies, I can tell you that direct mail doe work especially if you are doing home services. I have talked to auto detailers, pool cleaners, chimney sweepers, satellite TV salespeople, driveway resurfacing specialists, landscapers and even deck cleaning companies who were competitors with our company. All of them said the same thing about direct marketing through the U.S. mail; it works!

Direct mail also works for auto service companies such as; carwashes, oil change businesses, body shops and even car dealerships. If you are in a service business you will be surprised how well direct mail and direct marketing works and if you do home type services such as cleaning you will be shocked as to how much the percentage of call backs you get on every single mailing.

Provided you do not clutter the ad and are smart and personable when the potential clients call you then you should have excellent results to help grow your business. I recommend direct marketing and direct mail for deck cleaning and treating businesses. It has always worked good for us and helped us target our customers in clusters by ZIP code. Please consider this in 2006.

Direct Marketing for a New Insurance Agency

Anyone who has been in the insurance industry for a long period of time will tell you that most of their business comes from word-of-mouth advertising. This is generally true and you can tell by the minimal amount of advertising that they do in the marketplace.

Occasionally you will see small ads in high school booster club schedules or other community-based marketing type places as the insurance agency ages. This is all well and good and generally happens because someone from a nonprofit group will come into the agency, which is also a client and look for someone to donate money to the group in trade for advertising.

But if you are a new insurance agency you will need to get clients and that is very difficult because no one really wants to buy insurance or even consider there might be a calamity in their life. Most people buy insurance because they take all loans for homes or cars and it is required by the lender or it is required by law.

One of the best ways to market a new insurance agency is to use direct mail in the appropriate ZIP codes and perhaps the areas where the demographics are slightly higher. A good account executive with a direct marketing and mailing company can help you decide where the best areas are and they have lots of data to show you, which is also of value. You might wish to consider direct marketing and direct mail and send your advertising through the U.S. mail if you own a new insurance agency. Please consider this in 2006.

Direct Marketing for Water Companies and Conservation

Direct marketing and direct mail campaigns for water companies can help with water conservation by constantly reminding consumers and homeowners to save their water. Many small businesses also need to save water and conserve, but often they do not.

If they are reminded of this from time to time through direct-mail campaigns or even flyers in their water bills it could perhaps cut consumption by up to 10 percent. If everyone in the United States of America saved 10-20 percent of their water there would not be drought issue.

Many municipalities and county agencies, which oversee our water resources have moved to direct marketing and direct-mail to alert and warn consumers to conserve their water. This strategy has worked in many regions in the United States.

As we expand the population in our nation we must be concerned with water conservation. And it is not just a problem with golf courses or homeowners, as many small businesses waste water and many government agencies who oversee water supplies actually waste water. as well.

In doing so and they set precedence and so they do not set a good example. However, the more we keep these issues in front of the American people the more of our citizens will conserve water. Please consider this and conserve water in 2006.

Direct Marketing for Non-Profit Groups Considered

If you run a non-profit business then perhaps you should try direct marketing and direct-mail to get volunteers and increase donations to your non-profit. Direct-mail and direct marketing does not just work for businesses, as it is a way to catch people in their homes who read direct-mail and direct marketing packages.

Some people think that direct mail and direct marketing are mostly for local small businesses in the area to send out to high net worth individuals in specific demographics within target areas of zipcodes. It is true that direct-mail and direct marketing packages do work well for many types of small businesses in both the service sector and the retail sector. But direct marketing and direct-mail is not just for businesses, as it works very well for public announcements of water conservation or other important issues and it has been used by politicians and government agencies for years.

I recommend that if you run a non-profit group that you consider direct-mail or direct marketing mail outs to promote to your endeavors. It is not easy staying up on the needed funds that nonprofits must have to survive. It is not easy recruiting volunteers, which will work very hard in your organization. Direct-mail and direct marketing can help you achieve your goals. I hope you will consider this in 2006.