Direct Marketing for Deck Cleaning Companies

It is amazing how well direct mail and direct marketing works for some types of businesses. Having been involved in many mobile service type companies, I can tell you that direct mail doe work especially if you are doing home services. I have talked to auto detailers, pool cleaners, chimney sweepers, satellite TV salespeople, driveway resurfacing specialists, landscapers and even deck cleaning companies who were competitors with our company. All of them said the same thing about direct marketing through the U.S. mail; it works!

Direct mail also works for auto service companies such as; carwashes, oil change businesses, body shops and even car dealerships. If you are in a service business you will be surprised how well direct mail and direct marketing works and if you do home type services such as cleaning you will be shocked as to how much the percentage of call backs you get on every single mailing.

Provided you do not clutter the ad and are smart and personable when the potential clients call you then you should have excellent results to help grow your business. I recommend direct marketing and direct mail for deck cleaning and treating businesses. It has always worked good for us and helped us target our customers in clusters by ZIP code. Please consider this in 2006.